Posted 10/19/20

October Board Meeting & Elections

Friday, October 23rd  6:00pm  at  HOPE VALLEY GRANGE (adjacent to Dow Field)

Below is a list of those running for positions as well as many vacancies.  The league really needs these positions filled in order to run a season.  Please consider joining the Board! If you would like to run against someone or for a vacant position, please contact us and we will get the information to you.  Descriptions of each position can be found under the "CGSL Board" tab. 

All those running must be present at our October Board Meeting/Elections on Friday, October 23rd.  The new Board takes their seats in November. 

President: Robin Woodmansee
Vice President: Rich Browning
Secretary: Ashley Hanks*
Treasurer: Elisa Raymond
Concessions Manager: Sueanne Comerford
Fundraising Director: Amy Tretton*
Equipment Manager: VACANT
Field Manager: Dave Woodmansee
Skills & Competition Director: VACANT
Media Liaison: VACANT
(*current board member in existing capacity)

2020 Fall Clinics: Registration Closed!

CGSL’s Fall Clinic safety requirements: 

  • Every player MUST provide their own personal helmet, face mask, bat, and glove.  No equipment will be provided!  Players are required to wear softball pants and cleats.  League shirts and socks are not supplied.

  • Every player must complete and hand in a COVID-19 waiver form at the first clinic.  Forms will be posted on our website and emailed to registered families prior to the first clinic.

  • Every player, coach, and parent spectator MUST complete and hand in a COVID-19 screening tool document at EACH clinic date. Forms will be posted on our website and emailed to registered families prior to the first clinic. No entry will be allowed without a signed form each week.  Any person exhibiting signs of illness and any person who has been exposed to a person with COVID-19 must be excluded from the activity in accordance with CDC and RIDOH. 

  • Everyone must wear a face covering in accordance with RIDOH regulations. While engaged in active play of sports or strenuous activities, a face covering is not required. When not on the playing field, players and coaches are to wear a face mask whenever they cannot maintain a social distance of 6 feet.  Parents are responsible for providing a cloth face covering for their child and themselves.  Face coverings will not be provided by the league. 

  • Players are responsible for bringing their own hand sanitizer and using it before and after each clinic.  There is to be no high fives or handshakes.  

  • Players need to bring their own drinks.  Concessions stands will remain closed. 

  • ONE parent spectator per player. When arriving at the field, parents can either drop players off and stay in their vehicles in the parking lot, or park, then proceed to the designated area for spectators keeping a six feet distance from one another. Everyone must wear a face covering in accordance with RIDOH regulations.

A more detailed list of guidelines for coaches, players, and parent spectators in accordance with USA Softball RI can be found at

A clinic may be canceled due to weather or other events outside of CGSL’s control (ie. State or Town restrictions due to COVID-19 status or Triple E.). Canceled clinics will not be rescheduled. Chariho Girls Softball League will operate 2020 Fall Clinics in accordance with RIDOH, CDC, USA Softball RI, Chariho School District, and Town of Charlestown recommendations. 

Failure to follow the requirements as outlined by the League may result in the removal of a coach, player, or spectator and/or cessation of the clinic as deemed appropriate by a Chariho Girls Softball League Executive Board Member.  The Chariho Girls Softball League Executive Board reserves the right to amend these requirements as necessary. 

"A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success"


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