2022-2023 Executive Board Members


Robin Woodmansee


Vice President







Elisa Raymond


Concessions Manager  

Jessica Williams


Fundraising Director

Melissa England


Equipment Manager

Brittni Ferguson


Field Manager

David Woodmansee


Skills, Competiton Director, Media Liaison  






  1. Conducts all meetings.
  2. Appoints committees as deemed necessary.
  3. Has power to call meetings.
  4. Acts as liaison to all associates organizations.  Shall be one representative to the Chariho Athletic Association.
  5. Oversees all officers and League operations.
  6. Registration
  7. Rosters
  8. Arranges umpires. 

Vice President:

  1. Assists President with duties.
  2. Assumes roles in absence of President.
  3. Can be a representative to the Chariho Athletic Association. 
  4. Field/Facility Usage requests
  5. Organize sponsors
  6. By-Laws


  1. Accounts for minutes of meetings and all correspondence.
  2. Insurance
  3. Coordinates registration information (with President) and secures insurance for all registered players and coaches and scorekeepers in the dugout.
  4. Responsible for incident reports and claims.
  5. Responsible for Background Checks and Managers’/Coaches’ Contracts.


  1. Responsible for League treasury.
  2. Bills and Finance
  3. Taxes
  4. Legal paperwork   
  5. Makes sure the Directors’ and Officers’ insurance is paid every June.
  6. Responsible for filing Corporation Paper – mails or emails to Secretary of State each June. 

Concession Manager:

  1. Duties include snack bar and food sales/organizaiton
  2. Responsible for purchases related to managing the concession stand
  3. Responsible for organizing the concession stand
  4. Responsible for coordinating work schedules for the concession stand

 Fundraising Director:

  1. Responsible for coordinating all fundraising activities for the League
  2. Coordinates Team Pictures

Equipment Manager:

  1. Procurement and maintenance of all softball equipment, first aid kits, scorebooks, etc.
  2. End-of-season Inventory of all softball equipment
  3. Colllect and account for all softball equipment
  4. Develop proposal for purchasing of new softball equipment

Field Manager:

  1. Field maintenance of all league fields
  2. Field Day organization (organize volunteers and procure any needed field materials)
  3. Grass cutting schedule
  4. Field equipment maintenance
  5. Proposals for any new equipment
  6. Garbage
  7. Port-a-potty

Skills and Competition Director:

  1. Schedule: Season & Playoffs
  2. Schedule: Practices
  3. Rules
  4. Coordinates Assessment/Draft Day 
  5. Standings-Keeps track of the spring season standings by working with the post game score reporter (media liaison.)        

 Media Liaison:

  1. Manage the website
  2. Post game score reporting to website
  3. Public relations